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Bishop George Bloomer Cooning Trump

Posted on Nov 30, 2015 in All Coons, Uncle Toms and Sellouts |

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Bishop George Bloomer Cooning Trump

Their purpose more than anything is to assuage white racist guilt and to allow Trump to keep on saying “The Blacks love me”. These black preachers and Bishop George Bloomer Cooning Trump / Stumping for Trump is a much more nefarious act of treason to the community because these men are literally paid to lead flocks of black people and they are knowingly leading their flock to vote for a man that overtly disdains them and is literally promising to increase their misery index. No matter what these men and women have done in their respective ministries in the past to uplift the community (if they’ve done that at all) they will now and forevermore be remembered for selling out the black and progressive cause for Donald Trumps chump change. They have reached the point of no return and are coons for life–the same holds true for their respective congregants. So yes, if you still sit in any of these house niggers pew on Sunday, you too are a coon for life.


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Bishop George Bloomer is one of the black pastors who’ve been holding closed-door meetings with Donald Trump. As you can see, what he says in front of a Fox News audience doesn’t quite match up with what he says to a TV One audience.
A common thread coming out of statements made by a number of pastors who met with Trump is that they can’t point to any substantive policy being discussed and instead point to leaving out with a “good feeling.”

Listen as Bishop George Bloomer Coons and flip flops on TvOne with Roland Martin.