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Black Man Cooning for Trump

Posted on Jan 6, 2016 in All Coons, Sambos and Buffoons |

Hoke Johnson a black man cooning for trump

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Black Man Cooning for Trump

This is not an endorsement of Obama, nor an attack on Trump. BUTT (intentional misspelling) Hoke Johnson a black man cooning for trump makes some valid points about Obama… BUT

Remember Dave Chappelle quit the Chappelle show and here is why according to him in a time article…

The Time magazine article sheds light on Chappelle’s own thoughts on the matter:

The third season hit a big speed bump in November 2004. He was taping a sketch about magic pixies that embody stereotypes about the races. The black pixie–played by Chappelle–wears blackface and tries to convince blacks to act in stereotypical ways. Chappelle thought the sketch was funny, the kind of thing his friends would laugh at. But at the taping, one spectator, a white man, laughed particularly loud and long. His laughter struck Chappelle as wrong, and he wondered if the new season of his show had gone from sending up stereotypes to merely reinforcing them. “When he laughed, it made me uncomfortable,” says Chappelle. “As a matter of fact, that was the last thing I shot before I told myself I gotta take f_____— time out after this. Because my head almost exploded.”

Brother, they don’t give a damm about your thoughts, all they see is a coon and they are laughing at you. Stop Cooning…

Hoke Johnson and the support shown to him by the thousands at the Trump rally in Atlanta, Ga.