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CoonWatch Launch Date 5/1/2014

In the historical racist context of the USA, the coon was/is portrayed as a lazy, easily frightened, chronically idle, inarticulate, buffoon whose sole purpose in life is to amuse those in the dominant society. The coon was/is labeled as a childish adult; albeit a good-for-little adult.

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Eliminate that definition… because this website is for us and by us and WE DO NOT SUPPORT THAT RACIST DEFINITION.

We will keep an eye on those whose actions (intentional or not) inflict harm on people of color. We want to watch those who live by the coon code of conduct and have sworn an oath to defend White Supremacy.

So what can we do

Identify them
Track their transgressions
Stop supporting them
Ignore what they say

Every person listed may or may not live their life by the coon code of conduct, however if they are non white and they have clearly demonstrated anti black actions they will be listed.


…bowin’ and scrapin’, smilin’ in white folks’ faces. –Sarge, A Soldier’s Story.

adolph-caesar soliders story


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Please submit your suggestions with the transgression and we will investigate.

We do not support ANY type of violence. These are still our people!

coon watch No-violence