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Following are the CoonWatch Cooning Description for all of the coons that we have listed here at The coons are categorized from the vicious Uncle Toms & Sellouts to the benign Sambos & Buffoons. This IS intended to be a shaming blog. Therefore, in order for us to shame, we need attention. Please share!


Uncle Toms & Sellouts

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She’s a sellout. He’s an Uncle Tom. So what are Uncle Toms and Sellouts? They are basically Race Traitors of African decent who will do anything to stay in good standing with white mommy and white daddy, including betray his/her own people. The contemporary Uncle Tom has two variations.

  • A black person who is a docile, loyal, religious, contented servant who accommodates himself to a lowly status. This is usually the result of fear.
  • An ambitious black person who subordinates himself in order to achieve a more favorable status within the dominant society. This is usually because of opportunism. This is more common today.
  • more info Atlanta Black Star

Synonyms include “oreo,” “sell-out,” “uncle,” “race-traitor,” and “white man’s negro.”

As a CoonWatch Description go – this is one of the most egregious


Negro Bed Wenches

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Modern day Negro Bed Wenches are Black women who will do ANYTHING to please the white power structure, especially White men. She is the female equivalent to the Uncle Tom, someone completely loyal to white male power and will not only lie, cheat and steal for him, but allow him to use her as his sexual plaything.

And after they screw the boss, they screw over the communities they work in with their reinforcement of institutionally racist and inhumane business policies. Negro Bed wenches are indifferent to the suffering of the black community.

The contemporary “Negro bed wench mentality,” therefore, is displayed when a Black woman—suffering from “Stockholm Syndrome”, according to Nasheed— accepts and even acts to further White supremacy. Tariq Nasheed


See All Listed Negro Bed Wenches & Mammies

The modern day Mammy is an older version of the Negro Bed Wench. She often represents a desexualized, obese, sometimes morbidly overweight, old, or at least middle-aged black women. The implicit assumption is that no reasonable white man would choose a fat, elderly black woman instead of the idealized white woman. The de-eroticism of the mammy means that the white wife, the white family — and by extension, the system of white supremacy, is safe. However, she also represents a fierce defender of white supremacy and the ultimate controller of black males.

As a CoonWatch Cooning Description go – the negro bedwench and the mammy is right there with the Uncle Tom.

Black Feminists

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Not really a stereotype, the Black Feminists movement which is anti family, anti black man and pro white daddy, represents yet another divisive war within the black community. Make not mistakes about it, this movement is sponsored and supported by White Supremacy.

Black Feminists run the new war on Black unity by fundamentally destroying the male-female dynamic that produces healthy Black families. They talk at length about the importance of understanding gender, and yet give Black children no context for what a strong, healthy, mature Black man looks like by excluding them from the home and replacing them with other women or white men

  • It is hypocritical male-shaming.
  • It was purposely designed to drive a wedge in the Civil Rights movement
  • It conditions Black women to be aggressive, spiteful, and ‘never let a man tell them what to do’.
  • It encourages homosexuality through male bashing
  • At the end of the day, it attempts to recondition Black women back into ‘mammies’ and shameless sluts (aka Negro bed wenches)

PS: Even the most absurd male chauvinist will never utter the words, “I can do anything a woman can do!”

As a CoonWatch Cooning Description go – this one is often misguided and pushed by harmless coons.  But make no mistake about it… the ultimate purpose is to destroy the black family.

Black Effeminates

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So what are black effeminates? Effeminacy is the manifestation of traits in a human boy or man that are more often associated with feminine nature, behavior, mannerisms, style or gender roles rather than with masculine nature, behavior, mannerisms, style or roles. Now lets compare Black Effeminates to the historical eunuchs.

Many eunuchs were African slaves who were caught, groomed and effeminized by wearing feminine clothes, make-up, perfume and jewelry in order to make them reliable servants of the royal court…without the sexual threat of taking the King’s women. The role of the castrated African man was not just to keep other men at bay, but to make the King’s bed, bathe him, dress him and cut his hair. In short, the black man’s role was to be but a lowly servant to protect the interest of the white supremacist.

Today, in modern times black man effeminates are no more than eunuchs.

  1. To be as non-threatening as possible to the system of racism
  2. To protect the interest of white supremacy

As a CoonWatch Cooning Description go – this one is also misguided and pushed by harmless coons.  But homosexual or not it also leads to the destruction of the black family though the support for weak black men..

Black Bucks

See All Listed Black Bucks and Hoochies

The “Black Buck” was a black man (usually muscular or tall) who defies white will and is largely destructive to White America. He is usually hot-tempered, animalistic, excessively violent, unintelligent, and cannot control his desire for white flesh. Most often, any attempt to restrain, reprimand, or re-educate the individual will fail, necessitating the individual’s immediate execution (usually by lynching).

The Black Bucks primary purpose in White America is to:

  • Justify the indirect and direct murder of black men
  • Justify the genocide of the black family

As a CoonWatch Cooning Description go – this one is sometimes mis-categorized as young males just having a good time.  However, with the “baby mama” badge of honor… It leads to fatherless homes by ignorant young men.

Jezebels / Hoochies

See All Listed Black Bucks and Hoochies

The Jezebel / Hoochie Mama portrayal of black women as lascivious as a stereotype by White America. The Jezebel is a promiscuous female with a demanding sexual appetite. The descriptive words associated with this stereotype are singular in their focus: seductive, alluring, worldly, beguiling, tempting, and lewd. A more evolved image of the Jezebel is the Hoochie Mama. She is a young black women who is rude, aggressive, predatory that confuses mindless promiscuity with ‘sexual freedom’. The Hoochie Mama / Jezebel image also declares that young black women are unlovable and cannot be taken seriously.

The Jezebel / Hoochie Mama primary purpose in White America is to:

  • Justify black women as sexual objects
  • Justify the genocide of the black family
  • Justify black women as unlovable

As a CoonWatch Cooning Description go – this one is is sometimes misguided as I don’t need a man.  I’m my own woman and a woman has a right to have causal sex.  However ladies need to remember that too many sexual partners may lead a woman to becoming jaded and therefore unlovable.

Sambos and Buffoons

See All Listed Sambos and Buffoons

Do you love being entertained by Sambos and Buffoons? Next time we want you to think about the Sambos purpose in White America:

  • Make black men feel inferior
  • Make black women believe black men aren’t serious and cannot protect nor take care of them
  • Make black children lose respect for black male authority
  • Make black men act irresponsibly and “Coonish / Koonish”
  • Justify the social abuse of black people

Excerpt taken from the Irritated Genie

As a CoonWatch Description go – this is one of the most laughable.



  1. I am so glad I found this slanderous page and was able to give it to the most prominent attorney in Los Angeles. The slander and hate speech which you spew , will surely have you served, as my forensic computer expert has you IP address.Be looking for your summons.

  2. You don’t have to go all high tech to find the IP. We will be happy to share our contact information. Please contact the Web Administrator.

  3. Good for you! I am glad somebody had the balls to create such a space regarding damaging dancing coons in the 21st century.

    Somebody needs to stop their destructive rise. Thank you!

  4. greatest site ever. can someone please add the “free hugs” dude Ken Nwadike to the dual categories of Uncle Tomming Beggar, and Sambo/Buffoon. thank you.