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DL Hughley Cooning Steve Harvey Donald Trump

Posted on Jan 18, 2017 in All Coons, Uncle Toms and Sellouts |

DL Hughley Cooning Steve Harvey Donald Trump

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DL Hughley Cooning Steve Harvey Donald Trump

DL Hughley Cooning Steve Harvey Donald Trump is a real embarrassment. Yes, Steve Harvey is a low-key coon. Find our CoonWatch reference here. We have him plastered on for his bullshit comment, “I don’t give a damn about slavery.” However, this response from DL is a little ignorant and bitch like! Trump will be the president. Steve Harvey had an obligation to meet with the president-elect if he wants to talk about doing ANYTHING for the black community. It would be totally different if Steve was helping Trump get elected. Meanwhile, DL and all of those other pompous Hollywood bitches were campaigning for Hillary, knowing damn well Hillary is just a continuation of the reign of terror that’s been increased on black folks for the past 8 years. Shit Queen Bey shook her Ass for VOTES and exploited the mothers of our fallen young people, while Hillary didn’t promise us SHIT and all you Hollywood nig$%# was just up there dancing trying to keep black folks asleep.

In this video we show you several references of DL Hughley cooning near the end of the video.  We show how he cries for his White Daddy and how he makes fun of the Rutgers girls college basketball team.  This was ridiculous considering there was a movement at that time to get Don Imus fired for saying the same thing, just not as harsh.  Imus should have lost his job for doing this and F*#K DL Hughley cooning the same damn thing in front of a white audience.

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