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Eminem is a suspected white supremacist

Posted on Aug 15, 2015 in All Coons, Uncle Toms and Sellouts |

Eminem is a suspected white supremacist

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Eminem is a Suspected White Supremacist

Eminem is a suspected white supremacist. Okay, so I’ve officially died and gone to hell because  I actually agree with Suge Knight.

I was in the supermarket and passed the magazine stand. There it was. The October issue of XXL magazine with a scowling Suge Knight and Petey Pablo on the cover.

Now this is the same magazine that featured a “prison issue” with 50 Cent and Tony Yayo on the cover. I’m still bristling about that issue. So there was no way I was going to buy this magazine, right?

Wrong. Hey, the way Suge looked on the cover, I was scared NOT to buy it. What if the guy found out I passed this stand and didn’t cop this issue?

Besides, the tease indicated Suge had quite a bit to say: “Suge Knight denies Biggie murder accusation, calls out Snoop, accuses Dr. Dre of snitching, questions Eminem’s past, attacks The Game, wants to sign Shyne and praises his new protege Petey Pablo.”

Kind of hard to pass this one up.

And so, right at the top of the interview, Suge let Eminem have it.

“This is a guy who as an artist comes out and says all black women is n*gga b*tches and gold diggers… When you start saying black women is n*gga b*tches and gold diggers, then I got a problem ’cause I got a mother. I got daughters.”

When the interviewer suggested that black rappers have no more respect for black women than Eminem does, Suge reminded him that Marshall Mathers ain’t exactly in the club.

“You cross the line when you start stereotyping a race,” Knight said. “Eminem be making his money off black people and black culture, then turning ’round and degrading black women. He’s a racist.”

Knight also had harsh criticism for black rappers who diss each other in their tunes but haven’t pulled Eminem up for his attack on black women.

“You got a lot of these artists dissing on record… A lot of ’em talking about keeping it real, how they off the block and all that bullsh*t. They’ll talk about every artist in the business and they mama. Except Eminem.”

Later in the interview, Knight gave his theory about why no black rapper has taken Eminem to task on a record or anywhere else.

“These guys got the slave mentality,” Knight said. “I mean, if the slave master come in, talk about your wife, call her all kinda bitches, have sex with her. What you gonna do, just watch? The point is, if you black you should be pissed off. And if you white you should be pissed off, ’cause this guy bringing bullsh*t to you and the industry. Hip-hop supposed to be the bridge between the suburbs and the ghetto, and this guy’s cutting it off.”

When the interviewer asked Knight if he’d like to have a conversation with Eminem, he answered “You (bleeping) right I want to have a conversation with this (bleep). And I will.”

Why do I get the feeling that conversation will include some pimp-slapping?

The bizarre analogy to slavery aside, Knight does have a point. Black rappers have all kinds of silly “beefs” with each other. They diss each other on their records. They diss each other for the stupidest of reasons.

For some reason, Eminem disrespects black women and gets a free pass. Why?

Could it be that all too many black rappers feel the same way about black women?

Hey, I’ve seen their videos. Most of them have that “Tip Drill” theme going on. Remember “Tip Drill”?

The sisters at Spelman College would like to forget it. Nelly released the “Tip Drill” video a few years back. Then he was invited to visit Spelman. After watching “Tip Drill,” some black women at the school told Nelly not to bother showing up.

By: Gregory Kane