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Kevin Jackson Cooning University Missouri Protesters

Posted on Nov 11, 2015 in All Coons, Coon Hall Of Fame, Uncle Toms and Sellouts |

Kevin Jackson Cooning University Missouri Protesters

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Kevin Jackson Cooning University Missouri Protesters

Kevin Jackson Cooning University Missouri Protesters is expected.  If you don’t know Kevin Jackson, he’s is basically a mouth piece for racists.  He’s always invited to conservative type (nothing wrong with being a conservative) and race batting websites.

Kevin Jackson is one of the better known hired guns (against black progress) of Fox News. He makes a living being the attack dog for white supremacy on air. No matter how egregious the offense to black people are he will always side with whatever Sean Hannity’s opinion is. He is to Sean Hannity what Justice Clarence Thomas is to Justice Antoion Scalaia–a lap dog.

Kevin Jackson the coon of TheBlackSphere.NET on the University of Missouri Protests speaks out during a segment on Fox News Monday about alleged racism at the University of Missouri turned into two panelists shouting at each other and drowning out host Megyn Kelly.

Guests Kevin Jackson and Lisa Durden were discussing the resignation of University of Missouri President Tim Wolfe, who stepped down on Monday amid student protests that he has repeatedly ignored racially motivated incidents on campus.

Jackson, who is executive director of, stated that Wolfe had done nothing wrong and called his resignation “undoubtedly the most ridiculous thing that’s happened at colleges, and it’s essentially chickens coming home to roost in liberalism.” He chalked up the high rate of black unemployment to CEOs being afraid to hire people who are too sensitive about such issues.