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Mary J Blige Cooning for Hillary Clinton

Posted on Jan 16, 2017 in All Coons, Sambos and Buffoons, Uncle Toms and Sellouts |

Mary J Blige Cooning for Hillary

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Mary J Blige Cooning for Hillary Clinton

Mary J Blige Cooning for Hillary Clinton is a real embarrassment. Recording artist Mary J. Blige has an interview with Hillary Clinton on Apple music.   When I first saw this video a few days ago I was blown away!  Mary J. Blige has sold millions of records and has millions of fans.  Many people respect her.  But she really lost my respect and others after this.  She’s singing the song American Skin by Bruce Springsteen. She looks like a singing fool singing to this racist white woman.  Hillary Clinton doesn’t give a damn about the plight of black people. She doesn’t care about cops killing black people. The Democratic party has always taken advantage of black people.  They take our vote for granted because the Republicans are more overtly racist. But the Democrats are no better. Look at Clinton’s face while Mary’s singing.  She has that fake look of concern on her face. Clinton doesn’t care about black poverty, unemployment or mass incarceration. She is just listening to this fool to give the impression that she cares about our struggle. She is no different than Donald Trump.  Read the rest of this post at the Kushite Kingdom

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