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Michael Jordan Cooning Chamillionaire

Posted on Apr 3, 2013 in All Coons, Uncle Toms and Sellouts | 2 comments

Michael Jordan Cooning Chamillionaire

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Michael Jordan Cooning Chamillionaire

Michael Jordan Cooning Chamillionaire isn’t strange, he has never been for Black People. Recently at a Michael Jordan party, rapper Chamillionaire dealt with the ultimate disrespect that a man can give to another man. Shooting out to his Vlog, he gave his personal account of what went down from something as simple as trying to get a picture with Jordan. However, the response to the request was disrespectful. This goes to a larger problem with the basketball icon. Michael Jordan’s total disrespect of a black culture is the larger issue. Black kids are dying or being killed over his apparel, but he does nothing to advance a cause to end the violence. Today’s athletes are not as responsible as Jim Brown and Muhammad Ali was to the black community. When I hear the name, Michael Jordan, I shake my head!



  1. Hey! What did MJ do??

    • He said that “he don’t sign autographs to niggas”. His words of course…