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Negro Bed Wenches and Mammies

Posted on Jan 23, 2016 in All Coons, Negro Bed Wenches and Mammies | 2 comments

Negro Bed Wenches and Mammies

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The Negro Bed Wenches and Mammies

Modern day Negro Bed Wenches are Black women who will do ANYTHING to please the white power structure, especially White men. She is the female equivalent to the Uncle Tom, someone completely loyal to white male power and will not only lie, cheat and steal for him, but allow him to use her as his sexual plaything.

And after they screw the boss, they screw over the communities they work in with their reinforcement of institutionally racist and inhumane business policies. Negro Bed wenches are indifferent to the suffering of the black community.

Shawn James

The contemporary “Negro bed wench mentality,” therefore, is displayed when a Black woman—suffering from “Stockholm Syndrome”, according to Nasheed— accepts and even acts to further White supremacy.  Tariq Nasheed

The Mammy

The modern day Mammy is an older version of the Negro Bed Wench.  She often represents a desexualized, obese, sometimes morbidly overweight, old, or at least middle-aged black women.  The implicit assumption is that no reasonable white man would choose a fat, elderly black woman instead of the idealized white woman.  The de-eroticism of the mammy means that the white wife, the white family — and by extension, the system of white supremacy, is safe.  However, she also represents a fierce defender of white supremacy and the ultimate controller of black males.

Negro Bed Wenches & Mammies


  1. This site needs to be removed. This type of media is not constructive. It only adds to the abuse and/or subjugation of black people. You are better than the victims of racism you post. VGQ

  2. a hit dog hollers coon we need brave folks like this to out todays gatekeepers of RWS the ankle grabbing black males and bedwenching whores who ghetto gag and throw good black men and children under the bus daily on the plantation