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Raven Symone Cooning Ghetto Names

Posted on Oct 10, 2015 in All Coons, Black Feminists, Sambos and Buffoons | 2 comments


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Raven Symone Cooning Ghetto Names

Raven Symone Cooning Ghetto Names?  What’s next?  We are starting to consider renaming this blog to the Raven raven symone cooning ghetto namesSymone Coon Blog.  Well she’s not that bad, but she is stupid.  Her dad even agrees with us on that point.  We are certain that you will see Raven again.  Our only true challenge is trying to find a picture that contradicts her point.

Really! Ghetto sounding names?  What’s more Ghetto than this picture of her?  Who would hire this fool?


The following post has been pulled from the TheAngryBlackRant

Now Raven is probably one of the more innocuous additions to this list because unlike the coons that will  follow her she has not outwardly advocated for or co-signed the murder of black people, stumped for Trump or any of the more outlandish things that her brothers and sisters in coondumb are guilty of.

With that being said Raven is a black woman that has a national media platform and while The View to most serious people may be superficial day time programming in nature, Ravens words, thoughts and opinions reverberate and have wide spread resonance. With such a dearth in black voices in media she has a responsibility (whether she accepts this or not) to represent the overall interest of African-Americans as they portend to social uplift and all manners of equality. While Raven is far from the most egregious on air offender of black sensibilities I would be remiss not to coon-crown her for openly embracing discriminating against people with ethnic or as she puts it “ghetto sounding” names.

She received enough backlash for her banal brain musing that she did the unthinkable–at least for a coon. Unlike most coons, she actually apologized to black people and retracted her statement.  Let’s pray that she understands the error of her ways.



  1. So hold up, a woman with a magenta mowhawk,purple lipstick, and giant hoop earrings is calling someone else ghetto? If she wasn’t on the Cosby Show, who would hire her?

  2. fuck you bitches