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Shemar Moore Cooning Bounce Back

Posted on Jan 16, 2017 in All Coons, Uncle Toms and Sellouts |

Shemar Moore Cooning Bounce Back

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Shemar Moore Cooning in the Bounce Back

Shemar Moore cooning again and again.  This time Shemar decided to take is coon ass pimp game to the people.  Particularly to the gullible masses of black women who love him.

A few years ago, Shemar Moore had a crazy idea: produce and star in a romantic comedy movie, without the backing of a major Hollywood production or distribution company. Rather than turning to the Hollywood machine, the 46-year-old sexy, heartthrob decided to use his celebrity, personal relationships, and online crowdfunding to make the film on his own.

However, he used a little trickery and deceit.

Without using his money or going to Hollywood he took off his shirt, said he was going to grab Bill Bellamy or Sam Jackson co-star in the movie and off and sold a bill of goods to black women, through outlets such as Black Enterprise.  Hey ladies… Is that Mr Shemar Moore cooning for a few bucks?  If so we need to give it to him.  He will after all make an independent romantic black movie we can all be proud off.  Fuck Hollywood. You can’t stop this black man.

But WAIT Shemar Moore cooning continues…

Shemar Moore has already told you that he wasn’t a black actor.  He has already shown you that he does not date black women.  So why in the hell would you think he would actually place a black woman as his love interest?

Psych… Once he got the money..

He raised $637,893 bucks on indigo.  And guess what? He then revealed the cast.  Still had Bill Bellamy, but he decided to cast a white woman (don’t give me that Latina bullshit) in the costarring role. In his own words:

“If every character in the movie is black, it’s going to be looked at as a black movie and that might alienate other people from going to see it. But we’re very sensitive to representing all demographics and it’s going to be a very mixed cast. Whoever fits the bill and can bring the noise.”

Consolation Prize:

The Bounce Back only grossed $227,354 in its opening weekend, making it the third worst opening for a wide release in movie history.[4]

I guess all his white women didn’t want to see it either.  Nevetheless, he already made his money from black folks.

DON’T SUPPORT Shemar Moore Cooning Ass again.