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Stephen A Smith Cooning Trayvon Martin

Posted on Apr 2, 2014 in All Coons, Coon Hall Of Fame, Uncle Toms and Sellouts |

Stephen A Smith Cooning Trayvon Martin

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Stephen A Smith Cooning Trayvon Martin

Stephen A Smith Cooning Trayvon Martin in support of Kobe Bryant’s  shows the coonish behavior of them both.

Stephen A Smith Cooning on ESPN personality weighed in on Bryant’s refusal to react to the issue just because Martin is African-American on “The Arsenio Hall Show,” saying that the NBA all-star was “right on point” with his commentary.

Bryant has come under fire recently for admitting that he wasn’t comfortable with several Miami Heat players protesting in support of Martin with a team photo of them wearing hoodies. In his eyes, Bryant, who isn’t a fan of reacting to an issue like Martin’s because he’s African-American, feels people should listen to the facts rather than committing to a cause blindly.

Although he stated that it’s fairly evident black people are “outnumbered” in American society, Smith mentioned that that doesn’t mean the African-American community has a “license to be unfair.” The bottom line, according to Smith, is that people need to “exercise a level of fairness and justice.”

During the chat, Hall recalled how he “went hook, line, and sinker with an opinion” during the infamous Tawana Brawley case in order for things to change when the facts came out. As a result, the talk show host emphasized how patience must be a top virtue.

“When you make the mistake of jumping to emotional conclusions and being factually incorrect, your cachet diminishes,” Smith added.

To see Arsenio Hall’s interview with Stephen A. Smith, click on the video below:


In addition to Bryant, Smith addressed former Lakers coach Phil Jackson and his $12 million front office job with the New York Knicks.

To see Smith’s take on the situation, in which the commentator believes Jackson will have a hard time in light of having so many enemies around the league, check out the video below: