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Swirling Bedwench Love Stories 1 – Predetermined Agenda

Posted on Jan 29, 2018 in Black Bucks and Hoochies, Black Feminists, Coon Hall Of Fame, Negro Bed Wenches and Mammies | 0 comments

Swirling Bedwench Love Stories

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Swirling Bedwench Love Stories Part 1 – The Predetermined Agenda

In this video, the Swirling Bedwench Love Stories Part 1 we discuss the pheonomen known as Swirling.  No matter how you look at it, swirling is a new face on bedwenching.

We will use the Hagelian Dialectic to expose the Problem-Reaction-Solution pardigm responsible for leading black women toward the predetermined solution, which is: Promote the fantasy that the White Life Is the Right Life in the form of Swirling.  This is a direct war on the black family.  Below we have highlight the Swirling movement as the predetermined Bedwench Agenda.




Hegelian Dialectic - The Bedwench Agenda

For additional details on our description of bedwenching, please refer to the following link:



The UGLY Truth about Swirling is that it leads to a Bedwenching Reality where most black women will become degenerate sex objects for the pervese white man and then tossed back into the pool as a prize for the black man.

Historically, the bedwench didn’t have a choice.  She was degraded as a means to control the black slaves.  Slave owners/hands controlled the black population through emasculation of the black man. He emasculated the black man by allowing him to marry and then sexual dominating the black wife in the presence of the black husband  or through direct homosexual domination of the black man in the presence of the black wife.

Eventually, the bedwench began to exercise control over the non-homosexual slave owner through desire.  As quite as it’s keep, the black woman is the most desired woman on the planet by all races.  Through this desire, the black woman began to get perks for herself and her family.

When this desire morphed out of control and became noticed by the white woman.  The black woman was usually mamed or killed, until is white men banded tighter to put a law on the books punishing white women for killing slaves.

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